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7 Best Nothing Phone 1 Cases to Buy



Best Nothing Phone 1 Cases

After buying a mobile, the first thing that comes to our mind is the case of that mobile, because there are some reasons to use a mobile case. A case can protect your phone from scratches and minor fall damage. It keeps the phone clean and dust free, and some cases provide a little grip, which makes it less slippery.

On top of that, if it is Nothing Phone 1, then the need for a cover becomes even greater, because of its transparent design scratches are more visible. Most people bought the Nothing phone because of its transparent look and glyph light design. Putting a cover over it will hide the design inside, So in this post, we have come up with 7 Best Nothing Phone 1 cases that do not hide its design.

All Cases of Nothing Phone 1

We have brought some transparent design cases, which look very good and give great protection to Nothing Phone 1. Here we have presented the cases of various price ranges. So, all the covers are given below with complete details, prices, and buy links.

1. Ringke Fusion-X Case for Nothing Phone 1

Ringke Fusion-X Case for Nothing Phone 1


Ringke is a Korean company that makes many types of cases for different smartphones. There is a case for Nothing Phone 1 by Ringke called Ringke Fusion X. If we talk about its color, it is a predominantly transparent case, which is available in two color options, a completely clear case and a smoke black one. The back of the case is made of polycarbonate plastic and the sides are slightly different and built of pliant TPU plastic.

It has four rear corner bumpers that protect the transparent back from scratches. According to Ringke, it is a military drop test-approved case. Due to the ruggedness of the fusing x, a very good grip is obtained. When it comes to the buttons, the buttons are very clicky and all cutouts are in a proper way. The front edge of the case is slightly raised to protect the screen and the camera has a bumper that protects the camera lens. Also, this case does not affect wireless charging.

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for Nothing Phone 1

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for Nothing Phone 1


This is Ultra Hybrid Back Case by Spigen for Noting Phone 1. Spigen is a South Korean company that produces cases and accessories for famous mobile phones. Anyway, this case is heavily inspired by the original case of Nothing Phone 1 which sells for around Rs.1500. But they worked on the flaws and made the edges of the case a little gray so that the TPU plastic does not turn yellow.

And the back of the case is made of hard polycarbonate so it will take time to get yellow. The fit and finish are great and it feels pretty minimal even the weight is pretty low so it does not feel heavy at all. The buttons are super clicky and responsive and the cutouts are perfect as well. The case is slightly raised from the camera bump as well as the front side.

3. Riggear Xundd Case for Nothing Phone 1

Riggear Xundd Case for Nothing Phone 1


Rieger and Xundd are two separate companies Xundd is a Chinese company selling products in collaboration with Rieger. Xundd is also not a small company, it is a very popular case cover manufacturer. Together they launched a case called Riggear Xundd. If we talk about the case, then it is very clear in the color, It has a clear transparent polycarbonate hard plastic on the back and a normal black colored TPU on the sides, slightly raised on the front and back, giving some protection to the screen and back.

It’s a beautiful case, its fit and finish are spot on. Ports, buttons everything is perfectly aligned and looks premium too. This is a military drop test certified case, with air cushions on all four corners, which absorb shock and keep the phone safe when dropped.

4. KAPAVER Case for Nothing Phone 1

KAPAVER Case for Nothing Phone 1


A case by KAPAVER for the Nothing Phone 1, It is available in all three color variants of Black, Case with Glass, and Moon Grey. It looks premium, Its sides are covered with black soft TPU plastic and its flat back is made of a hard polycarbonate and its visibility is very good. Due to its transparent back, there is no difference in design, the glyph light is clearly visible.

Its lip is raised from front and back, which protects the screen and transparent back from scratches. It fits easily with mobile phones and has a good in-hand feel. It has support for wireless charging, its ports and the cutouts are perfect. This is one of the best and value for money case you should give it a try.

5. Glazedinc Air Hybrid Case for Nothing Phone 1

Glazedinc Air Hybrid Case for Nothing Phone 1


This is a third-party Air Hybrid case from Glazedinc, If you look at its design, the official case of Nothing is exactly the same and even a little better than that. This case has reinforced corners for extra protection, which do not allow much damage due to falls.

It scratches less than Nothing’s original case, they used a material called BAYER TPU so it will not turn yellow quickly. This case supports both wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. The case is very high quality, camera protection is on the back like the official case, and the back is made of polycarbonate, which looks very premium.

6. TheGiftKart Case for Nothing Phone 1

TheGiftKart Case for Nothing Phone 1


TheGiftKart is an Indian brand that makes good quality products they also made some cases for Nothing phones 1. If we talk about the colors, then this case is available in four color variants of black, red, green, and transparent. But I recommend only the transparent one because the quality of other cases is not very good. It has a crystal clear transparent case made of polycarbonate with back and sides made of flexible plastic. The four corners of the case are slightly raised which protects against falls. It is very light in weight and this case comes at a very inexpensive price.

7. JGD Hybrid Case for Nothing Phone 1

JGD Hybrid Case for Nothing Phone 1


If you are looking for a back case for your Nothing Phone 1 at the lowest price then this is the case for you from JGD Products. This case is normally transparent in appearance, there is a bump on the camera side that protect your camera. The case will scratch easily but it will provide your phone a decent protection. This case is made of full soft TPU plastic So there is a huge possibility of yellowness.

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Final Words

So, in this post, we have shared 7 Best Nothing Phone 1 Cases, which are in almost every price range from 150 to 1500. If you want my opinion, I highly recommend the Glazedinc Air Hybrid Case. It looks exactly like Nothing’s original case and is about a third of the price. The option is mine but the choice is yours, So you decide which one to buy according to your budget. Visit our website frequently for purchasing guides.

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